"IMMERSION" week-end  intensive workshops

Come join in with other players for a weekend of learning and deepening handpan skills in a studious yet relaxed atmosphere. groups consist of 4 to 6 players organized by playing level. My goal is to meet you where you 're at and help you to grow and advance to the next level. 

Hanpan lessons via skype ?

Learning handpan through skype ? YES it's possible. Relying on a written material and face-to-face coaching, i'll teach you handpan through a customized program created and adapted to your needs and goals. Here are some of my students feedback .


Handpan individual workshop


If you are located in or around Toulouse (France), this could be for you. Handpan player of any proficiency (even total beginners), can schedule weekly lessons or intensive workshop (1-2 days) to work on your skill set and help you to grow and achieve your handpan goals.