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Following the buzz of their YouTube video Insomniac jam, which scored over 3,5 million views, Sylvain Paslier and his cousin David Charrier start a new musical adventure centered on the PANArt Hang. A year later, they presented "Keona: Cousins' Hang Duet" to the public.

They have performed the titles from this album in France and in the US. Online, they became rapidly known as the "hang cousins" sensation.

Zivoon will bring you on a voyage through David's unique melodic and percussive universe. The titles masterfully mix hang, handpan, guitar and many other instruments to produce an enchanting and soothing experience.

Born out of many hours of practice, street busking, and jamming sessions with friends, you are sure to enjoy David's last electro-acoustic album.



GERMANY : 8-10/08 (Workshop) infos : Contact me

SWITZERLAND : 12/08 (Concert) infos :

ITALY : 16-17/08 (Workshop + Concert) infos :

GREECE Santorini : 19/08 (Concert) infos :
NETHERLAND : (Workshop) infos : Contact me

BELGIUM : 9/08 (Concert YATAL) infos : Contact me